About Us

KitBids is an online portal aimed at creating an easy contact between Auction Houses/Collectibles Shops and Collectors, creating a free global directory and archive by categories/locations, to facilitate the research of the Collector and the Visibility of the Auctioneer/Seller.

We have been working for six years in the area of platform providers for auctions (online and floor).
We are specialized in developing web sites and portals related to the world of numismatic, art and collectibles. You can find some of our works at our website: da Vinci

Finally, we decided to launch another initiative and we developed a FREE product for all Auction Houses and Collectible Shop: The KitBids Portal.

The publication of your Auction House / Shops is FREE, and our goal is to become in a short time a directory of most of the Auction Houses / Shops specialized in collectibles from all around the world.

We also offer a service of Auctions Calendar, in order to direct the collectors on your website to offer on items listed on your catalogue.

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